Victoria-Morioka Joint Friendship Projects


In Japanese, the word, Azumaya means "resting place". To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the special relationship that exists between Victoria and Morioka, an Azumaya was erected on Victoria's Inner Harbour. It was presented by Morioka Mayor Daizo Ohta in May 1990. The Azumaya provides visitors a sheltered spot to view the harbour area and city skyline.
Dedication plaque is written in both English and Japanese
Azumaya or "resting spot" on Victoria's Inner Harbour

For the 10th anniversary of the twin-city relationship, the Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society presented the City of Morioka with a full size totem pole. Created by native carver Tony Hunt, the tree for the pole was hand picked in the forest, transported to Thunderbird Park in Victoria and readied for presentation. After it was 90 percent complete, the pole was shipped by sea and land to be finished in Morioka prior to installation. The raising was done by citizens from both cities as a number of visitors from Victoria were on hand to help with the event.
"Friendship Totem"

The totem was erected in June 1995 and is a popular tourist attraction situated in Iwate Park. To care for the finished pole, a group of Morioka citizens lead by community leader Kumagai-san and known as the "Friends of the Totem Pole" make it their business to raise money locally to preserve and maintain Victoria's totem pole gift. A number of individuals and businesses in Victoria contributed to bringing the totem pole gift about. It stands as a testament to the enduring friendship forged between Victoria and Morioka through their twin-city relationship.

"Friendship Clock"

The presentation of a "Friendship Clock" was used to mark the 15th anniversary of Victoria's twinning with Morioka. The clock sits atop the classic art deco tower of the building currently used by Tourism Victorian the city. The Friendship Clock at 812 Wharf Street was a joint community effort involving many partners in Victoria and Morioka. The clock was dedicated in April, 2001.
Official dedication ceremony at 812 Wharf Street in Victoria
Clock faces four different directions atop art deco tower

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