Dr. Inazo Nitobe (1862-1933) Born in Morioka. Died in Victoria

Nitobe on Japanese 5000 yen note.


Dr. Nitobe's Pacific Vision

Born in Victoria's twin city of Morioka, Japan, Nitobe was a professor at a number of universities including Tokyo Teikoku University (now Tokyo University).

As an educator, he worked to improve the educational standard at that time. He also served as the first principal of the Tokyo Women's University. In 1899, Nitobe wrote his famous Bushido: The Soul of Japan while living in the United States. Dr. Nitobe was later appointed Deputy Secretary-General for the League of Nations and contributed to fostering international understanding.

During his career, Nitobe produced research studies that later became reference works about Japan for world leaders including US President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Nitobe died in 1933 at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria on his way home to Japan from an international conference. His work is marked by monuments in both cities.

The vision that guided his work for peace is best summed up in his own words. "It is my wish to serve as a bridge over the Pacific Ocean", said Nitobe. His was a life of tireless dedication to that end.

Today, Dr. Nitobe is held in high esteem and is considered one of the century's greatest Japanese ambassadors for world peace.



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