“The goal of our Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society is to promote mutual understanding, awareness and appreciation of the special relationship that exists between the twin-cities of Victoria and Morioka. Since the original Victoria-Morioka sister-city agreement was signed May 23, 1985, this has largely been accomplished through visitor exchanges of individuals and organizations that are a part of both our communities.

Our society has an Executive and Board of Directors that volunteer their time to assist with these exchanges and help develop events that celebrate the special relationship between Victoria, Canada and Morioka, Japan. This year our executive is made up myself, Vice-President Paul Allison and our Secretary, Jim Currie. Serving on the Board of Directors is Past-President, Barb Cameron, Doug Potentier, Jim Nicholl, Russ Cape and Shigeo Sakuma. In recognition of his commitment and past contributions to our organization, Dick Nakamura also serves as a Governor of the Victoria-Morioka Friendship Society.

Through the efforts of the board, supporters and a host of volunteers, our society established the Dr. Inazo Nitobe Memorial Garden at Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH) in Victoria.  This was done to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the official agreement that established Victoria's twin-city relationship with Morioka.  Royal Jubilee Hospital is where Dr. Nitobe died and the garden provides a lasting tribute to the life and work of this great international advocate for world peace.

As we look ahead, plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the continuing sister-city relationship between Victoria and Morioka are already under development.  Such milestones offer both the opportunity to advance contacts between our mutual societies in Canada and Japan, and to continue the dream Dr. Nitobe to build a bridge of friendship that spans the Pacific Ocean.”

- Bill McCreadie, President