Gay hypnotism

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July 8, 2019
gay hypnotism

В  this file will put you in a hypnotic trance and then suggests you to become gay. Lay down on your bed, put your headphone and enjoy ! Does it really work ? Yes it was tested on many people that.

This is a quick sample induction that can be expanded on to create a really good hypnotic ind.

В  hypnosis changed me from a gay top to a massive bottom! By brent in denver. Pretty much my whole adult life, i have identified myself as a top an exclusive top. Sure, i did oral on dudes and let them reciprocate but when it came to anything going in up my rear end, it wasnt happening.

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Roxanne is the perfect girl, she is kind, beautiful and gets good grades all round. Everyone loves her, and it looks like college will just pass by like a breeze for. The only one who dislikes roxanne is her roommate savannah, a mean vindictive girl who doesnt really care about grades or school that much.

The four passion-packed sessions in the sexual hypnosis for the gay man hypnosis bundle will help you learn to relax and express yourself sexually, giving you the confidence and power to perform and seduce men with the snap of your finger.

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